Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day at Washington State Park

We finally got a weekend without rain for the Memorial Day holiday.  So we packed a picnic lunch and drove about an hour from St. Louis to Washington State Park.  The main feature of the park is the petroglyphs on the rock outcroppings.  It is believed that aboriginal tribes carved out shapes in the rock around 1000 A.D.  

These carvings are thought to be fertility symbols.

The most distinctive carving was this thunderbird.

We found a picnic table in a shady area, with a nice breeze blowing, surrounded by the loudest chorus of locusts I've ever heard!

The Thunderbird Lodge at Washington State Park, MO.

We drove on to check out the river access (but we hadn't brought swimsuits), and then drove up to this scenic overlook over the river valley.

Scenic overlook Washington State Park, MO.

Tevis, Marcus, and Gabriel.
I'm sure this will be the first of many weekend outings, now that the weather is improving a bit.  There are quite a few state parks within an hour or so of St. Louis, and, get this, fellow Texans, admission to state parks is free!