Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inch by inch, square by square...

One good thing about moving to St. Louis is that I can now have a garden!  Longtime readers may remember the mobile square foot garden I made last year.  In Texas gardening was a near hopeless endeavor:  my yard had 25 trees, no sun, and the soil was a few inches of sand (like a beach!) over red clay.

Here in St. Louis my yard gets a lot of sun, so I have a perfect spot for a real 4'X4' square foot garden.  So far I have tomatoes, green onions, green beans, and strawberries.  I've only had to water one time so far, since it's rained every few days.  The soil in my yard is much better than that in Texas, though a bit sticky like clay.  But I've been able to actually grow snapdragons in the yard, rather than containers, and have planted blackberries and blueberries which are growing well.

For more information on square foot gardening, check out Mel Bartholomew's book Square Foot Gardening or visit the square foot gardening website.