Welcome, new readers!

I'm glad you found my blog and hope you'll keep reading.  But I know that jumping into a blog in progress can be like tuning into a soap opera for the first time:  who are the characters, how are they related, why in the world did she say THAT?  So I thought I'd add a short synopsis to get you up to speed.

I adopted 10 kids with special needs as a single parent, but this blog began long after most were grown and gone.  In these posts I introduce my "kids":  Jesse and Marcus and Gabriel and Tevis and Leslie, Hollis, Cedric, Kristina, Misha, and Sergei.  I had lived in Texas all my life, but last October, after the death of my dear Mother, I moved to St. Louis MO with Marcus, Gabriel, and Tevis in search of better services for the boys.

I worked for 30 years as a pediatric occupational therapist, but due to degenerative spine problems, can no longer work in that field.  I am hoping to open a practice for cognitive remediation in the near future.

So my blog has evolved into a potpourri of topics:  parenting adult children with disabilities, schizophrenia and its impact on a family, progressive politics, and, occasionally, poetry.