Sunday, March 01, 2009

Links to my Helium articles

I am still off of work on short-term disability due to my back problems. So I've had a lot of time to pursue some of my interests, including writing on the Helium website. I hadn't been active on the site for some time, so, alas, a lot of my articles lost ground in the rankings due to my inactivity. I thought I'd post links to a couple of my pieces that pertain to disabilities, as they might be of interest to some of my readers here.

Parenting a handicapped child (for those who prefer "people first" language, keep in mind that on this site, the title is already chosen for the suggested topic!)

Autism: Why and how to treat toe-walking

And, by the way, I earn a small pittance when people link in.


Thom said...

Wow... very impressive. It's funny how we really only get little glmpses of each other in this voyueristic virtual world. While I learned more about two subjects where I have no knowledge or experience, I also feel that I learned a lot more about you. You are quite a woman, Galen. Kudos...