Saturday, February 21, 2009

A glimmer of hope

I have often bemoaned the fact that, after so many years of parenting, I felt like a failure in so many ways. Foremost among those failures was the fact that so few of my children seem to have absorbed the values I hold dear. But every once in a while, there is a small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, something stuck.

My son Jesse has been going over to my mother’s every couple of weeks to give her a haircut, which both she and I have greatly appreciated. But this week Jesse came up with an idea that really blew me away. He said he wanted to go over to see Grandma every week, just to visit, but he was trying to think of something they could do together. I have to say I worry a lot about my mother and the fact that she has so little to do during the day. Her vision is so limited that she can’t read nor does she watch TV; in fact she got rid of both TV s after my dad died. She won’t participate in any of the activities at the center, mostly because she doesn’t think she can due to her vision. She is totally intimidated by even the simplest technology, eg, turning on her radio or pushing a speed dial button on her phone, so listening to audio books isn’t an option. Her main pastime used to be talking with folks, but since her stroke, she can’t even do that.

So Jesse was trying to think of something they could do together. Finally he said, “I was thinking I could read to her.” We started considering what he might read, and I suggested that if he could find a novel set in Oklahoma during the Depression, she would enjoy that. So we came up with “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Remnants of Glory” as two possibilities. I think my mother will be thrilled. She will enjoy Jesse’s company immensely. He was always special to her, and even during his turbulent youth, she never lost hope that he would “straighten up and fly right.” She is proud that he is so intelligent and was always such a precocious child with an amazing vocabulary, and that he was such a good reader. So she will undoubtedly love listening to him read.

I am so pleased that Jesse came up with this plan…maybe something did stick, after all!


Joy said...

The beauty of this post gives me goosebumps.