Friday, May 07, 2010

Housing crisis hits home, new direction, etc.

Well, the housing crisis has finally hit home here. A few weeks ago I got a check for about $1000 from my mortgage company, refunding overpayment into myescrow account. I was so pleased at this unexpected windfall, I didn't think about the ramifications of the overpayment. When I got my statement from the county tax assessor this week, I realized that this was not a cause for celebration. The valuation of my house declined about $40,000 in the past year! Now it was over-valued in the past, considering all the rehab and repairs it needs, but this was quite a shocker. It is now valued at the price I paid for 1993.

I finally took the first step on my path to a new career yesterday by signing up for an online course in psychosocial rehabilitation. I plan on taking three courses offered by Boston University, and another two offered by St Lawrence College in Canada. Hopefully I will then be able to pass the exam to become a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practioner, and by the time the training and certification is complete, I will have had some effective treatment to relieve my spinal problems enough so that I can work at least part-time.

We're looking forward to our trip to Colorado in June, but I have to say that so far, our weather here has been fairly mild. And this is that wonderful time of year when I walk out my back door and the air is fragrant with the heavy sweet smell of honeysuckle, and I walk out the front door and am greeted with the heavenly aroma of jasmine. Texas at its best, in a very brief window of time.