Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I brought you two pots of violets
To brighten up your room.
One was laden with pure white flowers,
But the other had yet to bloom.

I put them on the window sill,
Where they caught the winter light.
You smiled and said, "That's good,"
Pleased by the homey sight.

We considered the barren plant:
What color would the violets be?
"I don't know," I told you softly,
"I guess we'll just wait and see."

Simple words, yet carefully chosen,
I wanted us to share expectation,
To look to a future, to hold out hope,
To banish death from consideration.

Now you're gone, the white blooms have withered,
But now pink violets have burst from the other.
Their beauty brings me bittersweet pleasure,
If only you could see them, too, Mother.