Thursday, December 10, 2009

Forever Young...a blessing for my family

I just finished a little project I've been wanting to put together: a slide show of my family, to Bob Dylan's "Forever Young." I love this's such a powerful blessing to bestow on anyone. So I've been going through my huge box of photos that never got put in albums. It was hard to narrow down the selection and laborious to scan them at Walgreens.

I have to admit it was a bittersweet experience to go through all these pictures. After all the severe behavioral and emotional problems many of the kids had during their teen years, and which many continue to have in young adulthood, sometimes it's hard to remember all the good times. But the pictures don't lie...there were moments of great joy, adventure, fun, and love. I was determined that all my kids, despite their disabilities, would have a normal childhood, including not only the fun parts, but the responsibilities, too.

Five of my children no longer keep in touch with me. I've tried to include at least one picture of each kiddo, but my focus was on the ones who remain part of our family life...the ones who learned some of the values expressed in the song.


Pirate Aggro said...

A very beautiful tribute to your family. I was touched.