Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hooray for fall!

For most people, fall is associated with decay, death, deterioration, rot, and withering. But here in Texas it often brings a new flourish of life!

During the summer months, when we swelter in 100+ degree temperatures for days on end and even the nights bring no relief, life often seems to come to a stand still. When a person opens the door and is overwhelmed with a blast of hot air, akin to the opening of a blast furnace, only the hardy or foolish will venture forth outside unless they unequivocally must. Parks and playgrounds become barren wastelands. The heat is too much for many flowering plants, which droop listlessly without a bloom.

But then fall arrives. No, we don't have the spectacular fall foliage that our northern neighbors enjoy, but we have new life, resurrection! Those withered vines grow with renewed vigor, blooming more spectacularly than they did in the spring.

Pink morning glories twine and put forth little trumpet blooms.

Purple morning glories open each morning
and stay open well into the afternoon, glorying in the cooler temperatures.

Black-eyed Susan vines stare wide-eyed at the autumn sun, angled now from the south.

And finally people emerge from their houses. Unconsciously they hold their breath when they open the front door, expecting that blast of heat, but, amazed, they find welcoming cool air. Suddenly people are everywhere: raking leaves, playing football, riding bikes, taking their kids and dogs to the park, feeding the ducks, luxuriating in life!

So here's to fall, which brings some of us welcome relief and sense of vibrant life!


Joy said...

Yay fall indeed! Gorgeous photos Galen. And that blog header photo is great!