Monday, June 22, 2009

Her name is Neda

Her name is Neda.
She is daughter, sister, friend,
Loved by many.
She studied, laughed, and walked
Down Tehran's streets.
She dreamed of a future
Full of promise.

Her name is Neda.
Cut down by a coward's bullet,
She lay on the street.
While her friends begged, "Stay with us,
Don't be afraid,"
Staring into the light of heaven,
She breathed her last.

Her name is Neda.
Her clear voice calls out to all
Who love freedom.
We hold her memory close,
Close in our hearts.
We will stay with you, Neda...
We are not afraid.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays now. I used to hate it because I was issolated from my family. I got kicked out of the house because I was parting and doing drugs. Sure I had fun for the first couple of years untill I realized that my addiction got way out of hand. I tried to quit but it didn't work. For the first time in 7 years I turned to my family for help. They were more than happy to help me to find a great drug rehab. I worked for me the first time. However, it takes more than once for some people. You just have to stick in there and have hope. So this Thanksgiving I want to say thank you God for blessing me with such a great family, and thank you to my family for believing in me and being there for me when I needed them the most.

Chris Tea said...

I've enjoyed your blog this afternoon. Found you on hopeful parent.