Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To the ER...and back

I finally took Gabriel to the psychiatric ER yesterday. After 48 hours of constant hysterical laughing, I figured it was time. After four hours in the waiting room, we got to see the doctor. As I expected, he said they couldn’t keep Gabriel there, because he wasn’t a danger to himself or others. Gabriel did agree to take his medication, which we now have to build up gradually again, along with weekly blood work.

And once again, I have the worry of missing work. I was just released by the cardiologist to return to work this week, but I’ve stayed home because I don’t think it’s safe to leave Gabriel unsupervised in his current state. I’m taking it as unpaid FMLA. But, in spite of the HR director’s assurance to me a few months ago that time missed due to FMLA doesn’t count against me, when I talked with the owner of the company last week, he brought up the visit quota required to maintain eligibility for benefits. Oh, great! Now I have the additional stress of worrying about whether I’ll lose my health insurance!


Joy said...

Galen, does Gabriel qualify for any benefits from the state? Other than insurance. Like, does he have a caseworker that can check on him while you're at work? What about respite care so you can get a break without worrying?

I know you've been doing this longer than I have and I'm probably not asking anything you've not already thought of yourself. I just wanted to put that out there just in case.
I'm sorry he's had a setback. Everything you write about is so relevant to me.