Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hiking the urban grasslands

Yesterday I took Banjo to his favorite place to hike. Tandy Hills is a 160 acre urban grasslands preserve, tucked just south of I-30, within view of downtown Fort Worth. As usual, we had the whole park to ourselves.
We begin at the top of our favorite trail.

Just imagine that this is what the Native Americans saw across the wide expanse of Texas.

The hues of the grass range from yellow to this rusty red.

This unusual wildflower caught my eye.

Glades were covered with a blanket of wildflowers.

We return to the top of the trail and look eastward.

On the way to our car, I saw this wildflower, which appears to be some sort of mega-dandelion, about 4 inches in diameter.

Back at home, Banjo rests up after his big adventure with his new buddy Boo.

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Thom said...

It looks lovely. I always enjoy a good hike. It was one of my favorite thing to do in Maine - lots of water and mountain vistas. Not so much here... unless you like to trudge through the everglades : )